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Summer 2014

This summer did not pass without activity. A week spent at Darmoor Arts under the supervision of Kip Gresham, produced some interesting prints. We combined dry point, silkscreen and woodcuts. What a very prolific group of artists!


An example of a jigsaw woodcut.

Is it true that human societies will never be without armed conflict and that the only thing we can do is make the aftermath more palatable?  

Never without

The aftermath

This year has not gone by without activity.
First monoprinting with Sophie,  at
As usual, the inspiration from her beautiful work takes a while to kick in!

Simple but effective

Then some abstract work in acrylics, where I could indulge in colour!

Finally my big find, Dena at, which is giving me the opportunity to do     
screenprinting again with lots of colour!!!  
Mixing different screens to achieve different images.



 The images from the first workshop with Dena.  I am getting into the swing of it again, remembering all the techniques.

Photo emulsion workshop, using the light box.






    I am already planning to use the same screens on some abstract collagraphs.  

Of course my latest venture is making books, not so easy to photograph effectively.  For one of the books I used selected areas of screenprints, others use up old watercolours or other paintings. Not sure I am accurate enough yet, for a slick finish.  


Fresh off the Press 2013

New Work by Members of Mary Gillette's Tamar Print Workshop

9th February - 14th March

Private View 8th February, 7pm - 9pm

Limekiln Gallery, Calstock

More details at

Looking forward to some printmaking at Mary's next weekend, give etching and aquatint another whirl!

Possible subjects for my next etchings:

Not a poem, just some thoughts on everybody's disabilities.

...for the clouds
...for the stars
...for your dreams
...for gold dance unsupported be supported
...for the unreachable
...for understanding
...for your experiences
...another soul.

Reaching - the image is based on a dance photo with one of the Shallal dancers.  At last I have got Photoshop Elements back!

An image I used earlier and played around with.

Echoes Dance are performing again!

Dartmoor Arts Drawing Weekend
What an inspiration!  Thank you to both artists, Laurie Steen and Paul Thomas, for their excellent guidance.


Walking some more...

...over cobbled pavements


Dartmoor Arts Project

Drawing: Two Days,

Two Approaches with artists Paul Thomas and Laurie Steen

20 & 21 October

As part of the BIG DRAW event in October we are having a special weekend course with artist Paul Thomas (co-founder of the Jerwood Drawing Prize) who spoke at this year's summer school and artist Laurie Steen. Work with two exceptional artists over a weekend. Laurie will be exploring THE NATURE OF DRAWING: THE DRAWING OF NATURE and Paul Thomas A SUBJECTIVE DRAWING DAY.  Meeting in Drewsteignton.

Dartmoor Arts Project

Veet Mill Farm




01647 281295

Musings on ageing - are 'dreams more precious than gold'?

A summer spent walking - to no avail,

Changes, hopes, fears, desires, the inevitable,

Broken down communications, misunderstandings,

I have always worn purple,

Embarrassments of a sixteen year old,

Growing up - not wanting to grow up

Not wanting to grow old


Some of this summer's drawings.

The performance of 'Eye of the Beholder' is getting closer.  Here is a link to Echoes' Dance company.

The dance performance is inclusive!  What a great concept.   

To follow are a few more images taken from Andy's photos.  

Monotype suits this subject very well.  

Dancers resting.

Leah seeing to her hair. Unfortunately she won't be part of the dance as she has moved.

Grace - which includes point work.  

'How can anyone tell you that you're less than beautiful; how can anyone ever tell you that you're less than whole; how could anyone fail to notice that your loving is a miracle, how deeply you're are connected to my soul.'

Finally made it to the studio for some more monoprinting.  One day is not enough.   It only gets you started and then you have to pack up again.  Used the litho press again.

The images are taken, as before, from rehearsal photos by Andy Parker.

Brilliant image, need to work bigger with it.

As the the colours are overlayed, they can become slightly overworked.

This print I am quite pleased with.  It is more spontaneous, larger in scale and altogether fresher.   The colours are a little washed out in the photo.   Not a bad day's work.

Caught in movement, Star, the dancer!

Hopefully going for another weekend of printmaking.  I have prepared some images from the dance rehearsal photos.  The photos are great, nothing posed about them.  Warts an' all.  

The first image is from 'Flawless' which captures three dancers of different ages, all in the same haughty pose.

Ink drawing of three dancers in 'Flawless'

Ink drawing

Watercolour drawing

Ink drawing of three dancers in 'Flawless'

Watercolour and pastel drawings

I think a monotype will suit this image very well.  Hope I remember how to use the offset press.

Enjoying myself!  

Heard of boys' toys?  These obviously are women's toys!

Two days of hard work, ink up to my elbows.  Used the offset printing press to make monotypes, sometimes referred to as monoprints.  Very exciting stuff, you can see the print growing layer by layer.

Black and white and colour print from collagraph plate.  'Judgement of the Eye'

The first monotype of 'Dancing Alone'.  Built up in layers of colour.

'Judgement of the Eye' This time a monotype created as above print.

Becoming more confident with the technique.  
'Supporting', an image I have used previously.  

I am looking forward to printing at Tamar Print Studio in Tavistock tomorrow for which I am currently preparing collagraph plates. The plates are for work I am doing with Echoes Dance Project, 'the eye of the beholder'.

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