Artist's Statement


I feel at the moment that my work is encapsulated in the meaning of the word


…meaning 'to give shape, to create'. This is at the basis of my involvement with art, the simple pleasure in making, handling the materials, creating textures, playing with colour, juxtaposing figures. Printmaking adds to this the anticipation and the moment of surprise (or disappointment) when the paper or the screen is lifted to reveal the print. The various printmaking techniques and their combinations provide me with endless new possibilities.


…meaning 'form, stature or figure'. The second meaning points to my interest in using the human form as a subject. The ways we sit, stand, lean or hold ourselves reveal our emotions, also our age. Figures in different settings, with other figures tell short stories of life.

The printmaking techniques I have used are:

  • Etching with aquatint, sugar lift and dry point
  • Collagraphs
  • Linocut and etched lino
  • Lithography
  • Monoprinting
  • Silkscreen printing

 Most of my prints are unique, which means only one of them exists in the particular colour way.